$0 Payments in an ASPIRE Payment Stream

$0 Payments in an ASPIRE Payment Stream

$0 (Zero Dollars) payments are often mishandled in ASPIRE. 

In the past, users have been entering $0 payments on the payment stream to fill any gaps for deferred payments on a contract.  This works well until a credit memo needs to be generated on the deal beyond a $0 payment.  The system does not create any invoices for $0 payment entries and so you are unable to credit memo them.  The only way to resolve this is by a script. 
The best practice in these cases is not to enter any $0 payments in the payment stream.  ASPIRE does not need the placeholder.  It will calculate the interest correctly whether there is a $0 payment or not. 
Example – payment stream with $0 payments 

The preferred way to enter into ASPIRE

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