400 Error when using DocuSign Integration

400 Error when using DocuSign Integration

Normally, when an ASPIRE user attempts to submit an envelope to DocuSign, a “success” message will be returned along with a DocuSign Envelope ID. Occasionally, an error message will be returned. Typically, this is a 400 error.

400 errors indicate a bad request. Most commonly, this is an unhandled error returned from DocuSign to the LTi DocuSign service. The service logs can be examined for further information, but first review the typical causes below to attempt to resolve the error.

If the possible issues below are ruled out, the next course of action is to open a tech support ticket to have the DocuSign service seq logs pulled and reviewed. 
These logs can be found on the server on which the specific service (communicate the Service Address being used in the ticket) is hosted (by LTi).

Typical causes of a 400 error include:

Consent has expired
In 5.20.10 and forward, the Unlink Account process should be used to remove the DocuSign account from the ASPIRE DocuSign Account. Then, the account can be re-linked.

After a given account is unlinked and re-linked, consent should no longer expire due to a change in 5.20.10 that allows for consent perpetuation, except in cases of disuse (see below).
In 5.20.7 through 5.20.9, the user must Delete Account Configuration and go back through New Account Configuration

For all versions, consent for use of a given linked DocuSign user account (within the context of an ASPIRE DocuSign Account Configuration) will expire if that account is not used to submit envelopes to DocuSign from ASPIRE for a period of 30 consecutive days or more. 

Linked DocuSign user account is no longer an active user account - See above “Consent has expired” for resolution steps, though a new account will need to be linked

Incorrectly formed email address - e.g., Comma instead of a period in domain portion of the email address

Missing Signer Email – ALL Signers must have a valid email address

Insufficient digits in Mobile # when using SMS authentication
Note, the full phone number including area code should be used for proper functionality, though the error will only be generated when the Mobile # is less than 7 digits for a North American DocuSign account
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