Processing Vendor Invoices in ASPIRE Accounts Payable

Processing Vendor Invoices in ASPIRE Accounts Payable

  1. Vendor account must be set up in the system with a role that has the role type Vendor.

  1. The vendor accounts need to be configured in the Accounts Payable tab of Account Explorer -> Main.

  1. When a contract is created the appropriate vendor account needs to be added to the equipment via a configurable form or through Contract Explorer -> Equipment.

  1. In order to create A/P records the contract must have an approved credit decision in Contract Explorer -> Credit Adjudication.

  1. After a credit decision has been added a vendor invoice is created for the equipment on the contract

  1. Based on the GL account specified on the vendor invoice a debit is created to the Distribution Account selected on the invoice detail and a credit is created to the AP Account selected.

  1. When the contract is booked a credit will be created to the Accounts Payable interface that has been configured for the transaction type (i.e. Capital Lease, Loan, etc.) that offsets the A/P entry created by the vendor invoice.

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