Scheduled Billing - Invoice Generation and Regeneration

Scheduled Billing - Invoice Generation and Regeneration

See the attached document for complete information.

The attached document will provide an overview of the steps a user, with no security restrictions, will take in order to generate scheduled invoices (billings) within ASPIRE.  The concept of a scheduled invoice is separate from a miscellaneous invoice in that scheduled invoices are tied to the source contract’s payment schedule whereas a miscellaneous invoice is in addition to the schedule or to the account.


In order to run a scheduled billing batch that generates invoices a contract must exist with an un-invoiced payment stream – these instructions are out of the scope of this guide.
In addition to having valid contracts to invoice, the ASPIRE instance must also have invoice codes configured which reference correctly structured invoice templates, again outside the scope of this guide.

Attached Document - Table of Contents

Invoice Generation
Batch generation
Batch Review
Invoice Regeneration
Regeneration process













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