ASPIRE 5 x License Upload

ASPIRE 5 x License Upload

In the directions provided below, you will be able to update your license file in Aspire for version 5.x. 

Before proceeding on, please make sure that you have a valid license text file provided by LeaseTeam, Inc.

  1. Open Aspire, input your “Username” and “Password” and then click, “Sign in”. **Please make sure you are signing into Aspire as an Administrator when performing these actions.

  1. On the left side locate and click, “Administration”.

  1. In the Administration menu locate, “System Setup” and then click, “Licensing”.

  1. Locate and open the new license text file that you were provided by LeaseTeam, Inc.

  1. Click, “Edit” and then click, “Select All”. This option will automatically select all of the text so it’s now highlighted. 

  1. Click, “Edit” and then click, “Copy”. You have now copied your new license.

  1. On the Licensing menu in Aspire, you will click “Create New Record (Ctrl+N)

  1. Right-click with your mouse a blank area inside the “License” field and then click, “Paste”.


  1. On the Licensing menu toolbar, you will locate the disk icon to save and apply the license. 

  1. Please note that the license changes won’t take effect until you close completely out of Aspire and log back in.

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