ASPIRE Logical Architecture

ASPIRE Logical Architecture

See attached document for complete details. 

LTi Technology Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner (representing the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies), chose the Microsoft .NET Framework (currently version 4.7.2) as a platform to build ASPIRE. The key business drivers for this framework included:

      • An easy to use interface for internal employees, business partners and customers
      • An architecture of loosely coupled business services that can be expanded based on business rules and the need for third‐party             integrations
      • A high performing application that can be scaled vertically or horizontally, depending on business needs

ASPIRE is based on a three‐tier architecture, consisting of a Client Tier, an Application Tier and a Data Tier. This multi‐tier architecture provides a simple, single‐server installation for smaller installations and is scalable to allow for the separation of the Data and Application Tiers to support enterprise environments.
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