Sales Tax

ASPIRE Sales Tax

See the attached document for complete details. 

1.       Overview
The attached document is intended to be a high to medium level overview of standard ASPIRE sales tax calculation, including an overview of tax related configuration, how tax is calculated, and tax reporting available in ASPIRE.

1.1.    Standard ASPIRE Sales Tax
The below overview covers where tax is configured and how it is calculated for instances of ASPIRE using the standard sales tax calculations (i.e. does not have Vertex O Series licensed). Please see the Vertex O Series integration document for further information on that integration

1.2.    CCH
CCH is a third party integration that, when licensed, provides tax rate updates on a monthly basis for State, County, State, and Local tax jurisdictions in the US and Canada.

1.3.    Melissa Data
Melissa Data is a third party integration, that validates and updates location information in ASPIRE. This can be licensed separately from CCH, but when CCH is licensed, MelissaData must be licensed. When a US location is validated, the appropriate tax jurisdictions codes (state, county, city, and local 1 and local 2) will automatically be assigned to the location. A geocode will be assigned behind the scenes in ASPIRE. When a tax Code within that specified geo code is updated by CCH, that address will be re-validated by Melissa and any change to the tax jurisdictions/rates will be updated for those locations.

Melissa Data formats the location based on the USPS standard.

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