Bank Funding Module Training

Bank Funding Module Training

Please see the attachments for detailed information, recording available from within the Vimeo weblink

Three Attachments available + a link for the Recorded Training:

      1.  Real Life Bank Funding Setup Information, available to assist with
            a.  configuring the various Discounting Methods from Lease Plus into Aspire equivalents
            b.  understanding what happens when you invoice and pay contracts associated with the various ways to Discount / Build Funding Records

      2.  Detailed notes that accompany the Recording, titled "Bank Funding Training.pdf"

      3.  Questions and Answers from the recorded Training on 11/15/2022

      4.  The recorded training from 11/15/2022 explaining the Bank Funding Module capabilities

Agenda of Training from the "Bank Funding Training.pdf" document
  1. Required and Related Modules
  2. Configuration Related to Bank Funding
  3. Explanation of the types of Funding Records and Debt Notes
  4. How to build and process Sale Funding Records
  5. How to build Assignment Funding Records and Assignment Debt Notes
  6. How to build Participation Funding Records and Participation Debt Notes
  7. How to build a Collateral Debt Note
  8. How to Process Debt Notes
  9. Month End / Earnings Processing
  10. Jobstream Capabilities
  11. Report Options