Bulk Generation of Documents for User Identified Contracts

Bulk Generation of Documents for User Identified Contracts

See the attached document for details. 

The attached document provides the ability to batch generate and email documents for a group of user identified contracts. It also allows generating and sending a reminder to that group to sign and return the documents. This can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to generate and send the same contract addendum documents and reminders to many different customers. 

Users are able to identify which contracts to “batch up” by using the existing Pool ID field in the Contract Explorer Header and generate the necessary documents for the group through the Document Generation functionality on the Tasks menu. 

After generation, the batch can be emailed or printed. The documents are stored in the contract and customer account document repositories, as well as the batch being stored in the Tasks menu - Global Repository. 

Click here for a video that covers this process. 

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