Bulk Pool ID Update

Bulk Pool ID Update

Bulk Pool ID Update

There are various situations in which updating the Pool ID will allow you to process updates in Bulk through the Tasks > Bulk Contract Processing function in ASPIRE.  The Pool ID can be used to select the contracts for update. 

Examples of Bulk Processes include:

·         Move contracts between Finance Companies

·         Move contracts between ADC codes

·         Updating a Remit to Location

·         Bulk Pool Funding

To change the Pool ID for contracts to be updated: 

Go to a Contract Level Work Queue that contains all of the contracts to update.  Ensure the Pool ID is a field in the work queue and clear any filters that may conflict with the update or set filters that will help improve the selection process.

1.      Click on the Contract Bulk Update Export (Note, your cursor should be sitting within the work queue grid)

2.      An Excel file is exported and displays on screen.  Update the pool ID for those contracts that are to be updated using the Bulk Process.  Ensure you select a unique Pool ID for this process.  The Pool ID will be used as the trigger for the Bulk Process Change

3.      If there are other Pool IDs in use, understand that this process may over write the pool ID, so be foresighted with the process.

4.      Save a copy of the updated excel file for your records and name it as backup and save another version with only the original sheet (AspireContractImport.imp).

      5.      Within the same work queue, click on the Contract Bulk Update Import

      6.      A new popup will appear, select the file path input box and select “(AspireContractImport.imp)” file and press the import button

      7.      Refresh the work queue and validate results.

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