Credit Report/Update Legal Name from Business Credit Report

Credit Report/Update Legal Name from Business Credit Report

Overview of testing results:

The intent of this feature is to retrieve the Legal Name from the credit report and update the legal name field in ASPIRE when pulling a DNB report from either MicroBilt or Liquid Credit.  It intended to update the Legal Name from the Experian Business report although our testing did not include this test and verification.  It is not currently in scope to update the Legal Name from the PayNet report at this time.

 Testing ASPIRE v5.20.26.14314, the Legal Name updated when using the MicroBilt and Liquid Credit Dun & Bradstreet report information. The information in the business_legal_name node of the returned XML updated the Entity.legal_name field successfully, even when it populated with information.

The use case for this was to have the Legal Name be accurate to the Credit Adjudication processing so that when the Approval Notification was delivered, it specisified the Company accuratly by using the Legal Name field during document generation and approval notification.

NOTE: See Update Legal Name from Secretary Of State Report.

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