Customer Support Guide

Customer Support Guide

See attached document for complete details. 

LTi Technology Solutions is committed to providing quality products and services to its customers. As a leading provider of solutions for the equipment finance industry, our commitment to customer satisfaction continues through superior customer service and support.

LTi offers comprehensive support services with their lease/loan management solution to help put a customer’s system into production and to keep it operating at peak efficiency. LTi recognizes its obligation to protect our customers’ investments by providing resources and services before, during and after installation.

If there is a conflict between the policies explained herein and the expressed terms of a customer’s contract, the expressed terms of the contract will apply. If there are any questions regarding this information, customers should contact their Sales Account Manager.

The attached Guide is divided into the following sections:

      • Project Implementation Services – available to new or current customers installing additional products or a new software release.             Fees for such services are separate from support service fees for the applicable software products.      
      • Customer Support – available to customers after their software has been installed, based on the product and release status. An             extensive Support team is available to assist customers with both technical and front-line business questions.
      • LTi Products – this section contains information about LTi’s Product Release Methodology and the Product Roadmap Planning             process.
      • Professional Services – LTi provides additional technical support services on a chargeable basis. These services can vary from             assisting with developing reports to conducting system reviews. LTi services enable our customers to tap into our vast industry             experience and technical expertise.’
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