DocuSign - Can't find Service Key

DocuSign - Can't find Service Key

The ASPIRE DocuSign integration requires a Service Address and Service Key to be configured in ASPIRE for the integration to function as designed.
When subscribing to the integration, LTi issues the subscriber two Service Keys unique to that subscriber/company, one for the Test/Sandbox Service Address (  and one for the Production Service Address (

In the case the subscriber has forgotten or misplaced the Service Key for either Service Address, a support ticket should be opened for LTi's technical support team to issue a new Service Key. For security purposes, no one at LTi is able to look up a previously issued service key.

When requesting a new Service Key be issued, please provide the following information:
  1. Subscriber/Company Name
  2. Service Address(es) for which a Service Key should be issued

At the point of issuance, the Service Key most recently issued for the given Subscriber and Service Address combination will be invalidated and will no longer function.

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