DocuSign - Duplicate Signer in Sign Documents screen

DocuSign - Duplicate Signer in Sign Documents screen

When using the Sign Documents screen as part of envelope creation with the ASPIRE DocuSign integration, each signer/recipient should only appear in the list once.

If a signer appears in the list more than once, it may be due to configuration of the text of the ASPIRE DocuSign data tag in the ASPIRE Document Template.
For example, in the screenshot below, the signer "Customer 1" appears two times in the list, including once as "CUSTOMER 1".

If this happens:
  1. Open the affected document template in Administration - Document Templates
    1. You may need to search multiple document templates depending on how many templates were included in the documents to be sent to DocuSign
  2. Review each data tag being used to indicate a DocuSign action (for example, Sign, Initial, etc.) to be taken by the Role indicated in the signer list ("Customer" in the above example).
    1. You may need to make the tag text visible by highlighting the text and changing the font color
  3. If any of the tag text is in all upper case, highlight the text, and click the expand icon in the Font area on the ribbon menu 
  4. Ensure the "All caps" option is unchecked.       

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