DocuSign - No signers in the Sign Documents screen

DocuSign - No signers in the Sign Documents screen

To create an envelope using the ASPIRE DocuSign integration, you must have at least one signer listed in the signer section (outlined in red in the screenshot). Sometimes, no signers will appear in the Sign Documents screen.

To uncover the problem and get one or more signers on the screen, take the following steps:

  1. Verify that at least one of the selected documents (in Envelope Contents area) is generated from an ASPIRE document template that contains at least one ASPIRE DocuSign data tag. If not, you must add at least one DocuSign tag.
  2. Verify that the DocuSign tags do not wrap across document lines. If they do, reduce the font size until the tag is completely on one line.
    1. This will have no impact on the signer experience in DocuSign.
    2. This situation is most commonly found when the DocuSign tag is placed inside a table cell, such as when a "signature block" is formatted on a document template.
  3. Verify that the Role of at least one Account associated to the Contract matches the role/view from which at least one of the DocuSign data tags found in step 1 comes. If not, either select new documents to include, change the data tag and re-generate the document, or change/add accounts on the contract to match the role.
    1. For example, if a DocuSign tag from the Guarantor view is the only tag found in the selected documents, verify that at least one Account can be found in Related Accounts with the Role "Guarantor".

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