DocuSign - Shared Access - Allowing other DocuSign users to manage and send envelopes on your behalf

DocuSign - Shared Access - Allowing other DocuSign users to manage and send envelopes on your behalf

LTi recommends that as few DocuSign account configurations as possible are maintained in ASPIRE, to prevent duplicate account configuration efforts.

With that being said, we understand that the user credentials used to consent to ASPIRE working on your organization’s behalf may not be the DocuSign user who will manage every DocuSign envelope.

LTi recommends the use of Shared Access to Envelopes in DocuSign to grant access across your DocuSign user base to the envelopes they may need to manage. The Shared Access concept replaces Shared Envelopes as a more robust set of functionality, including the ability to manage draft envelopes.

DocuSign administrators wanting to learn more about Shared Access can visit Manage Shared Access to Envelopes.

For integration purposes, choose “Allow to send on behalf of” when setting up Shared Access to ensure the user can edit and send envelopes.

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