DocuSign - Signed Documents copy not in the ASPIRE document repository

DocuSign - Signed Documents copy not in the ASPIRE document repository

As part of the ASPIRE DocuSign integration, a copy of the signed documents and a copy of the Certificate of Completion will show in the related ASPIRE Contract Document Repository.

If this is not happening, there are a few things to investigate:
  1. Has at least 5 minutes passed since the envelope was completed?
    1. The integration relies on communication between DocuSign, the LTi DocuSign Service, and ASPIRE to relay the completion of an envelope and the transfer of the signed document files. This can take up to 5 minutes under normal conditions.
  2. Is the Service Address/Service Key combo configured on other sites?
    1. Service Address/Service Key combos should not be used on more than one site at a time. Ensure that the key is not currently configured on any other sites (customer test site, internal support sites, data conversion sites, etc.)
      1. Remove/Change the service address/service key combo on all sites other than the primary use site.
  3. Has the DocuSign account connected to the ASPIRE DocuSign configuration (Sender Configuration) used to send the envelope been unlinked or has the user account been deactivated in DocuSign?
    1. ASPIRE requires continued use of the consent provided for that user account to be able to pull the document copy for a given envelope from DocuSign.
      1. In this case, the document would need to be manually pulled down from DocuSign and placed in the ASPIRE Contract Document Respository

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