Electronic Funds Transfer Module Training

Electronic Funds Transfer Module Training

Please see the attachments for detailed information, recording available from within the Vimeo weblink

3 Attachments available + a link for the Recorded Training:
      1.  EFT Bank and EFT Company setup screen definitions, available to assist with configuring EFT Banks and EFT Companies
      2.  Detailed notes that accompany the Recording, titled "Electronic Funds Transfer.pdf"
      3.  The recorded training from 9/27/2022 explaining the Electronic Funds Transfer Module capabilities  Click here to view recording 
      4.  Questions and Answers from the recorded Training on 9/27/2022

Agenda of Training / Table of Contents for "Electronic Funds Transfer" document:
      1.  Required and Related Modules
      2.  Configuration Related to EFT
      3.  Global Settings Related to EFT
      4.    Setting up Perfect Pay and Alternate EFT records
      5.    Setting up / viewing EFT Bank information at the Account level
      6.    Manually process EFT files
      7.    Process EFT Return file and creation of NSF Fee
      8.    Create Vendor EFT Payment File
      9.    Jobstream Capabilities
      10. Report Options

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