Invoicing and Delinquency Reporting

Invoicing and Delinquency Reporting

See attached document for complete details. 
This document is intended to give users an overview of Invoice and Delinquency reports with an emphasis on delinquency and customer service during the Covid-19 pandemic. LTi realizes that during this period of uncertainty, our customers are not only seeing higher delinquency rates in their portfolios, but with more people working remotely, there is also a spread of expertise that can make knowledge transfer more difficult.

This overview is structured as follows: First, we have highlighted the most commonly used reports for delinquency. With each, I will attempt to give an overview of the report, situations they are useful for, and how they can be utilized with other reports to get a better picture of delinquency in your portfolio.

Secondarily, I have included descriptions of the other delinquency and invoicing reports that may be helpful, but are perhaps geared towards other purposes than customer service and delinquency.

Finally, the last section will walk through how to setup a delinquency work queue both at the account and contract levels, so that create your own ad-hoc reporting and queues tailored towards your business needs. 

Contents Overview
      Commonly Used Invoice Reports
      Open Invoices by Contract
      Unapplied Cash 
      Other Invoice Reports
      Prepaid Invoice
      Delinquency Reports
      Aged Invoice By Contract
      Aged Invoice By Customer
      Aged Net Book Value
      Aged Receivable By Contract
      Aged Receivable By Customer 
      Aging by Role Type
      Loan Delinquency
      Creating a Delinquency Work Queue
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