Legal Balance of a Contract

Legal Balance of a Contract

Calculate a contract’s “Legal Balance” as the sum of all GL Debit and GL Credits under the following GL Interface Account Types:

·         AccountsReceivable

·         AccruedInterestReceivable

·         AccumulatedDepreciationEquipment

·         AccumulatedExpenseCIType

·         AccumulatedIncomeCIType

·         DeferredExpenseCIType

·         DeferredIncomeCIType

·         DeferredIncomeFinancedSalesTax

·         DeferredIncomeLease

·         DeferredIncomeResidual

·         DeferredInterestIncome

·         FinancedFeeReserve

·         FinancedSalesTaxReceivable

·         FinancedSalesTaxReserve

·         LeasedEquipment

·         LeaseReceivable

·         NonAccrualAccruedInterestReceivable

·         NonAccrualEarnedIncomeFinancedSalesTax

·         NonAccrualEarnedIncomeLease

·         NonAccrualExpense

·         NonAccrualInterestIncome

·         NonAccrualResidualIncome

·         Principal

·         RenewalResidualRecovery

·         ResidualReceivable

·         ResidualReserve

·         SameAsCashAccruedInterestReceivable

·         WriteOffReserve

·         NonAccrualEarnedIncome

·         LoanWriteOff

·         Recovery

·         WriteOff

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