NEW FEATURE - Bulk Asset Processing - Tax Depreciation Code Update

NEW FEATURE - Bulk Asset Processing - Tax Depreciation Code Update

To address potential issues that could arise from attempting to update tax depreciation codes from the Global Equipment Update from Equipment Work Queues, we have developed a new tool to specifically handle this process.

Things to note:
 - Global Equipment Update (Global Equipment Export and Global Equipment Import icons) has been removed from the Equipment Level Work Queues menu bar.
 - There is a new menu option available ONLY when licensed for Global Equipment Update for 'Bulk Asset Processing'
 - In this new menu option, a single tab 'Tax Depreciation Codes' is now available.

The above tab allows you to search for assets using the parameters shown: Finance Company, and/or Tax Deprecation Code.
From the Search results grid, one or may assets may be selected and added to the Records to Process tab by clicking the 'Add to Processing' icon. 
The user also has the option to 'Add all to Processing' to add all assets in the Search Results grid. 
     Note:  The same functionality is available from the Records to Process grid to remove one, many or all records. 

Once the desired assets are populated into the Records to Process grid, an effective date and New Tax Depreciation Code should be selected and the user should then click Process. 
This will update the Tax Depreciation Codes for all assets in the Records to Process list as of the effective date selected. 

The Processed Records grid displays the results of processing the update. 
It will indicate for each record if the update was successful or if it failed; and if it failed it will provide an error message. 

From each tab, the Grid customizer icon is available to alter columns and filter further as well as export the list(s) to excel for auditing purposes.

The Effective Date is used for the ‘Effective Date for change’ option that is available in the regular UI.  This dictates when the re-calculation would occur for the tax deprecation 

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