EverView Integration Module (formerly known as OSG)

EverView Integration Module (formerly known as OSG)

See attached document for complete details. 

The EverView Integration module enables the export of invoice information out of ASPIRE v5 into an XML file compatible with LTi’s vendor billing and invoicing partner, EverView (formerly OSG Billing Services (“OSG”)). EverView provides statement presentation and mailing services utilizing the file extracted from ASPIRE v5.  

Note: The EverView export functionality in ASPIRE uses a standard format that typically requires additional custom development with both LTi and EverView to conform to existing business processes. 

The attached document outlines the “Standard” (out-of-the-box) ASPIRE v5 functionality and file schema makeup when utilizing the ASPIRE v5 EverView Integration Module

Table of Contents
      About EverView
      XML Schema
      EverView Extract File
      Field Mapping
      Example File Output
      Additional Information 
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