PTMS Integration

The attachment provides layout file examples for the PTMS (Property Tax Management System) Export and Import files.  

During export, all assets that fit the user-selected parameters will be exported into the file layout 
outlined above.   When the quantity on an asset is greater than one, the asset is broken out into that 
many records during the export process. The file will be generated and can then be opened through the 
grid within the Tasks> Property Tax Management screen. 

During import, the following fields are validated to ensure the charges are associated to the correct 
  1. Asset User Text 3
  2. Asset #
  3. Lease Number
If the record passes validations, a scheduled billable is generated for each the Adjusted Tax Amount, and 
the Administrative Fee (if checkbox is set to True during import).

The Scheduled Billable will be associated to the Asset on the record (notice the Asset tab in Appendix APX-J), and will follow the user input parameters to build out the scheduled billable record. 

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