Real Life Bank Funding Setup Information

Real Life Bank Funding Setup Information

See Attachment for more information

1.  Explanation of the fields within the Contract Explorer > Funding Screen
      - Page 2 
3.  How to select the payment stream to be included in the Sale, Participation, or Assignments when Cash Basis or Accrual Basis
      - Page 3
2.  Explanation of how each Real Life Type of Funding Configuration should be configured in the Servicing Tab and what to expect from that behavior
      - How LP's DISC1 would be built:  Page 4
      - How LP's DISC2 would be built:  Page 5
      - How LP's DISC3 would be built:  Page 6
      - How LP's DISC4 would be built:  Page 7
      - How LP's DISC5 would be built:  Page 8
      - How LP's DISC6 would be built:  Page 9
      - How LP's DISC7 would be built:  Page 10
      - How LP's DISC8 would be built:  Page 11
      - How Participations are built:  Page 12
4.  What to do when the customer sends the payment to the Finance Company instead of the Funding Source as they were supposed to, so you can open the invoice back up to receive cash.
      - Pages 13 - 15
5.  How to process a Sale Repurchase
      - Pages 16 - 17

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