Validation Error upon booking Sale Funding: G/L accounts not set up

Validation Error upon booking Sale Funding: G/L accounts not set up

What does it mean when I receive the following error when attempting to book a Sale Funding record?

This means that the Funding Source attached to the Sale Funding does not have all of its GL Setup populated.

How to Resolve:
1.  Look up the Funding Source account and go to the Account Main Screen
2.  Go to the "GL Setup" tab
3.  You will notice that some, if not all, of the GL interfaces do not have a GL Account populated.  These must be populated in order to successfully book your Sale Funding record.  

  1. You won't be able to save this configuration screen without populating a value for every GL interface for the Funding Source, even if you do not process that type of Funding.  
  2. These GL Accounts must first be built into the Chart of Accounts before they can be configured in the Funding Source GL Setup screen.
  3. The only way you'd have some of these GLs populated and some not populated is if there was new functionality added in an upgraded ASPIRE build and you hadn't yet populated this configuration yet.

Please refer to the following KB Article.  There will be an attached document titled "Bank Funding Training.pdf".  In this document you'll see a section titled "How to Create a Funding Source" which will not only explain how to create a new Funding Source but will also refer you to the definition of each of the GL Interfaces that need to be populated for the Funding Source.

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