When Are General Releases of ASPIRE v5 Available?

When Are General Releases of ASPIRE v5 Available?

LTi provides general releases for customer adoption multiple times a year that include defect resolutions, new features, enhancements and other updates to the platform. Upon notification of a new version of ASPIRE being available customers should submit a request to Technical Support requesting the release be deployed to a test environment in order to qualify the release for production readiness.

Monthly Releases

LTi provides a monthly release of ASPIRE v5 that includes all items that have been committed for customer adoption per release. This includes defect resolutions, new features, enhancements, custom software solutions and any other planned deliverables to be made available for production use. A general release is not provided in the month of December due to considerations of year end activities.

Feature Releases

The monthly releases made available in March, June and September of each year are considered Feature Releases that include planned additions to the ASPIRE system for compliance, supportability or market feature adoption. These features may include additional functionality that must be licensed in order to adopt them. Feature releases will also include additional items that have been committed for customer adoption including defect resolutions and custom software solutions.
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